Welcome to my blog
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Welcome to my blog


So I started a blog. 

I have always been the funny one. Also the fat one. Cliche, I know. So in high school I lost some weight. Then I lost some more. Unfortunately I picked up some very unhealthy habits along the way and was pretty much starving myself.  After school,skinny AF and on my way to Chef school, I was going from eating once a day, to eating around the clock. Then on to University, where I ate some more. I have tried everything out there. Pills. Shakes. Sureslim. Weighless. Weightwatchers.  More pills. Some gross pink syrup. Then one day, I was really big. Really really big and I decided to give Banting a try. March 2020 marks my 2 year Bantaversary. I have been up, and I have been down these past 2 years, but I have been healthy. And I have been happy. As an added bonus, I made a bunch of awesome new friends on Instagram (how Millennial am I?)

I am not here to educate, merely inspire. I love to share what I have learned and stuff I love. That’s it. Simple.

So my blog is just that. My blog. My thoughts and my journey and lots of pictures of food and my dogs.



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