Summer Shape up – 60 Day Challenge
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Summer Shape up – 60 Day Challenge

While I was eating my way through Europe this past December, I came across an ad on Instagram for the Summer Shape up – 60 Day Challenge. I knew I was eating like a pig, but how could I not? It’s not everyday that you can have a Belgium waffle in actual Belgium?!? Granted, I probably should not have had one every day ,but you get the picture. Oh man, I completely forgot about the stroopwafels in Amsterdam. What was I saying again……

 I took it as a sign, and signed up immediately. The challenge is hosted by 3 coaches who give advice, share recipes and listen to us all complain if we fall off the wagon for a bit. You purchase the course through Banting Baker Gigi’s website. She has an awesome shop in Paarden Eiland where you can find Banting snacks to your heart’s content. She also has a drool worthy Instagram account!

The whole process starts with us sending in our measurements. Believe it or not, but I have never thought of measuring myself. I am always so focused on the scale that I completely forgot that you can lose centimeters as well. Sounds so stupid, and honestly I am super mad at myself for not taking my measurements 2 years ago. The challenge started whilst I was in KZN visiting family, but I can happily say I stayed on plan the entire time, with the help of this group, of course!

After my first week I already noticed a huge loss in cm’s. The scale wasn’t moving but the cm’s were. This was a great motivation for me. I also appreciated the time these 3 lovely ladies spent encouraging us when we felt defeated. The best part personally for me was the recipes. I have a whole section in my little black book (more on that later) that I now use on a daily basis. I would happily pay the R500.00 again just for that!

The entire program is run through a Facebook page where they give us small daily tasks and help members to track their food, amongst other things. They also had some giveaways which I thought was a great incentive. 

One of the big plus points was the egg fast and they were with us every step of the eggy way and helped so many of us experience great success. I needed that egg fast after my weekend of eating horribly.   

So far I have lost 45,9 cm and a tiny bit of weight. I call that a win in my book. Our challenge is running until the 15th of March so hoping this last stretch will be a good one!

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