Meal prep like a boss!!
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Meal prep like a boss!!


his week has been hot. Not the nice kind. Feels like I want to peel off my skin. I know its not Pretoria heat, but still, come on!!!! I usually cook dinner every weeknight, whilst the husband is in charge on weekends. This week I found a great website that does frozen banting meals. At first I was super excited! I mean, no cooking or planning, just order it and pop it in the oven. Yay!! Then the chef in me started to do the costing. I have all the skills to just flippen do it myself. At half the price.

So I went to Mambo’s and got these cute foil containers. Made 4 lasagna’s in one go. Just add a fresh salad and there you go! More time for Masterchef Australia and cuddle time with my dogs! A trick I use is to cover the little container with a sheet of cling film before you place the cardboard lid on top. This way you can reuse the lid again. (Just write the name of dish fairly small and add the date). Boom!!! Going to try and freeze a few dishes in the next few weeks.

Will share the recipe for the “pasta sheets” soon! Any recommendations for great frozen meals???

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