If your are offended by photos of carbs, look away now!
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If your are offended by photos of carbs, look away now!

My best friend came to visit this week. We met in chef school 15 years ago and bonded through our love of eating and drinking wine. She is the absolute best. She lives up in Joburg and since we moved we only see each other a few times a year. Obviously during when we see each other again there is lots of catching up to do. This includes catching up on missing carbs and sugar as well. Obviously. As soon as she lands, the eating starts. And we go hard!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those weekday banters. When I commit, I am there 100%. Since 2 January 2020 I have only had 1 cheat meal. I still have a glass of wine now and again, but I stay on track. Going off plan is a planned affair. We started the day off at the Swan Café in the city. They make traditional french crêpes that are to die for. We had a savoury option with Raclette cheese, prosciutto and baby potatoes. Heaven!! This was followed by a sweet crêpe with homemade ice cream and poached pears. And Mimosas.  Because it was 9:00 on a Thursday morning.

Next on the list was a trip to Hint Hunt in at the V & A Waterfront. They have different themed escape rooms which are so much fun. You have only 60 minutes to complete puzzles and riddles in a locked room whilst someone watches you and give you hints when you sukkel. Which we did. A lot. Maths are clearly not our strong suite. We then had lunch at Ting Ting in town. Oh my Goodness!!!! Best hotdog of my life! Served on a milk bun with Kimchi and Japanese mayo. It was to die for!!!

Dinner was a cheeseboard. For the past 8 years or so we have had cheeseboard every time we see each other. That’s a shitload of cheese. And it’s always a work of art. O yes, completely forgot about the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I am so going to Banting hell for that one!

The next day was spent wine tasting (duh!) and eating fish and chips at Kalky’s in Kalkbay. By this stage I was feeling very very yucky. Bloated and shitty. Also headaches for days. These past 2 days have shown me that I really love food, but my body isn’t such a great fan of the carbs and sugar. I truly believe that food is part of making great memories, so going off plan once in a while will still be on the cards for me. But man, feeling crappy is getting to me!!!!! Diving head first into a 3 day egg fast tomorrow. Wish me luck!



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