How to make really cheap cream cheese at home
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How to make really cheap cream cheese at home

One thing that everyone knows about me, is that I love a bargain. LOVE IT! I am the person scouting the vegetable aisles at Checkers for the yellow 50% off sticker. If I see cheese on sale, I am buying everything and sticking them in the freezer. Cheap meat? MINE!!! So when I saw a recipe on TV one morning for homemade cream cheese, I just had to try it for myself.

You really only need 4 things.

1: Amasi (any brand) (I get the cheap one, duh! which is the Fair Cape brand)

2: Cheese cloth or Mutton cloth (Mutton cloth was cheaper and you get loads in a pack) 

3: Big pot and colander.

4: Kitchen towel

Place your colander in the big pot and line with the mutton cloth. Make sure it overlaps on the side, so that the colander is completely covered.  The nice thing about this cloth is that it is totally reusable. Just give it a soak in warm water, hang it up and you are good to go. Next pour the Amazi into the cloth and cover with a piece of kitchen paper. I am the mother of a huge black lab, and although I love him to bits, his FREAKING hair is everywhere.

Anyway, leave it in a cool place, or in the fridge overnight. The next day, discard the whey (which is the water in the pot) and squeeze out the liquid from the cheese. Voila! Cream cheese at half the price!!! This recipe makes about 600g. Just store it in a plastic container in the fridge. I use mine for all types of dishes, including a divine Banting Lemon Cheesecake. Also cream cheese fat bombs. 


Give it a try!


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