How much does 2020 suck?
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How much does 2020 suck?

Anybody else feel like they are living in a movie? And not at all a romantic comedy; a totally horrible thriller of a thing where the only sucky thing that hasn’t happened yet is being eaten alive by zombies. At least the zombies can stick to a Banting diet, unlike myself.

The first 2 weeks of the shit show that is 2020 I stuck to my diet completely. Mostly because I was dangerously depressed and lost my appetite.  When that passed, thankfully, we decided to be a bit more relaxed on weekends (like the days of the week even exist anymore) and eat and bake whatever we wanted.

This gave me something to look forward too and seemed like a good excuse to try recipes out. Also, I really miss working. I will never again complain about having too much work or having to finish too many cakes. It really sucks not having an income at the moment.

I hate seeing all these freaking Facebook posts where everyone is so thankful for this relaxing time to spend with their kids, or some shit like that. I am certainly NOT thankful that my business of 8 years is at a COMPLETE stand still. I know that we are absolutely blessed to still have a house, food and luxuries, but I can’t help but be extremely angry that this has happened. Stupid fucking virus.

ANYWAY, enough hostility, let me tell you how I have spent my days. Not that you care, but I am bored and I’m going to tell you in anycase. 

My days start with my husband bringing me a warm chocolate chip cookie with my morning coffee. One of my baking weekends was spent making very yummy chocolate chip cookies with leftover chocolate I had in my pantry. White chocolate and dark chocolate with loads of brown sugar for extra crunch.

Next up I feed the parrot that is living with us until my parents move down in August. A little side project has been to be nice to this bird. It hates and bites everyone and everything that comes close to his cage. Until last weekend that is! I think we have bonded as he lets me pet him (GASP!!) and vomits on me. I have read that this is a sign of love. Typical.

Breakfast is next. Nothing to report there. Like I said, we try to stay on plan for most of our weekday meals and breakfast is always easy. Except that one day when I had a vetkoek. Sigh. 

I spend most of the day doing some sort of craft. So far I have crocheted an entire cardigan which turned out a bit big and a bit short, but seeing as the only other person who sees me these days is my husband, I really don’t care that much. I also finished my cross stitch sampler that I started 2 years ago.

Really happy with how it turned out. I have built many Lego sets, played Super Marios Bros on the computer and have had many, many, many bubble baths.  I am also into season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy and season 3 of Hart of Dixie.

Watched more tv than is recommended and planted a few seeds in the garden. I have baked some truly marvelous things including cinnamon rolls, chocolate hot cross buns, those cookies I mentioned and a gorgeous chocolate tart (that we have yet to finish, hiding in the garage fridge).

I have watched 100 sewing tutorials on Youtube (I have never sewn a thing in my life) and currently I am knitting the sweater Mrs Weasley made Harry Potter for his first Christmas. I have started a potato sourdough starter and I have named him Patrick. Pray for me.

The only thing I am truly proud of during this crapfest of a lockdown is Zumba. I have been at it almost every day. Even though I have been wearing the same gym clothes everyday and no longer brush my hair, I am totally committed to it.  I have done a few classes on Zoom and our lovely Zumba instructor started an online site. She brings out a new video each week and also breaks down the dances indidivally. She currently has a free 7 day trial on her site. It has really helped my mental state to have something to look forward to each day. Check it out here: 



Everyday at 17:00, I speak to my parents in Pretoria which has been lovely. We spend most of the conversation discussing what each of us are having for dinner and it makes me smile everytime. Another nice thing is spending more time than ever talking to my best friend on WhatsApp each day.  We were supposed to see each other at the end of March so drinking wine and chatting on the HouseParty app has to do for now.  

Guys, how bad is this alcohol ban??? We are not big drinkers at all, mostly sticking to wine on weekends, but this lockdown has changed the game completely. We have been drinking Whiskey (a gift from the husband’s client a few years ago) and some apple flavoured gin I found in the very back of my pantry. I also found something called Nagmaal wyn in our fridge in the garage (no freaking idea where that came from) but you can bet your ass that we are drinking it!! We have some wine left for emergencies, but keep that info to yourself, coz I am defs not sharing it!!

At the beginning of this lockdown, I had so many plans,one of which was writing a blog post everyday but honestly I was so down in the dumps, I would only have depressed the hell out of everyone. So this is the first post for now. I really wanted to keep up with my diet eating only good things, but as the aliens can come any day now, I might as well eat what makes me happy. The scale has been up a bit, and then down some. Banting will always be there but for the sake of my survival, I’m going to eat that sourdough bread and enjoy the fuck out of it.

Love you all.



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