Egg fasting for beginners
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Egg fasting for beginners

I decided to join an online group a few weeks ago to help me kick start the year. It’s called the 60 day Summer Shape Up and is hosted by a few ladies who have been great coaches and everything is primarily done via a Facebook group. They have been sharing recipes and advice and one of the “tasks” this week is a 3 day egg fast.  After the carb fest I had this weekend, I decided that this had to be a sign.  


Breakfast was super simple, just cheese chips (I used Mozzarella) and scrambled eggs. I don’t really mind eggs that much, but having it for 3 meals a day is a whole different story. Let’s see how it goes. Please don’t judge my choice of cups. When I became a grown-up (not so long ago) I decided that the main perk was that I could buy whatever the hell I wanted (depending on my budget, off course) So if I want to drink my water out of a glitter cup with Santa and Rudolph printed on, that’s exactly what I am going to do. 

Lunch was boiled egg and mayonnaise salad. I just realized that the cheese chips were meant to be eaten for lunch. O well…. Busy making an egg loaf in the oven. This supposedly tastes just like french toast when fried in cinnamon butter. Will see if this is true tomorrow, as dinner tonight will be a Bomblette.

So far I am not really feeling too bad. I have a cold, so I’m feeling pretty lousy already. Did my 22/100 Zumba class today, but it was really half hearted. Going to spend the remainder of the day binge watching Lost. 

A Bomblette is a recent addition to my morning breakfast repertoire. It is basically melting cheese in a non stick pan till crispy and adding 2 fried eggs on top. Put a lid on for a minute or two and fold it over like an omlette. It is a total game changer! And soooo satisfying with some mayonnaise or sour cream. For purposes of this egg fast, I am sticking to mayonnaise.

I must admit, I thought I would be moody AF at the end of the day, but I felt surprisingly OK. Taking some fizzy tablets for the head cold and that seems to be helping. My macros were on point! It goes to show that it can be done, although I seriously don’t see myself eating eggs for every meal for the rest of my life.  Let’s see how tomorrow goes.

Before I go any further I should make it clear that I am not a doctor, nurse, or even a nutritionist.  This is just me telling you what I’ve done, what the results were, and what my opinions are regarding the egg fast diet and how I am experiencing it. Like any diet plan, it either works for you or it doesn’t. It is best to consult a doctor or nutritionist if you are unsure about anything.

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