Egg fast, Day 3
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Egg fast, Day 3

Breakfast was egg loaf (again) but this time I added a tsp of xylitol to the butter and cinnamon. Oh My Goodness! To die for! It tasted exactly like french toast and the husband requested it for breakfast tomorrow. That’s a total win in my book. It really is very filling and that hint of sweetness is just enough. You so have to give it a try.

Lunch was scrambled eggs and cheese chips. Again. I know I should have made egg muffins, but I was so flippen hungry when we came back from gym, so I opted for convenience. It wasn’t the worst lunch in the grand scheme of things, but I am looking forward to a bit more variety when this is over and done with. The best part of this fast is that it really doesn’t require a lot of thinking. I mean, it’s just eggs???

Confession time. I had this huge cappuccino after Zumba today. Will try harder tomorrow, but caffeine is a bitch to let go off. Any tips? And don’t say Rooibos tea!!!!!!

Dinner was Alfredo pasta. Now the chef in me is totally cringing at the thought of calling something pasta, when it merely looks like the real deal.  I was very skeptical the first time I tried the recipe for egg pasta because nothing really compares to the real thing. Turns out I was kind of right, but also kind of wrong. It is almost like the real thing, when you add loads of cream sauce and Parmesan cheese and when you close your eyes. Truth is that the big miss is the texture. This one is very soft and can never be al dente like the original.

BUT, a Banters got to do what she’s got to do. So please give it a try. Especially when you make them into lasagna sheets, or a lovely creamy chicken and broccoli sauce. This was absolutely yummy. The sauce stuck to the pasta amazingly and it was super creamy and cheesy. Will definitely post the recipe!


Day 3 was a huge success (execpt for the coffee, dammit). I wasn’t hungry at all and I had loads of energy at Zumba today. The scale was a wow moment, but more on that later. Egg-cited to see what day 5 will bring. Apparently there are 2 transition days that follow where you eat one regular Banting meal the one day, and 2 regular Banting meals the next day. Thank goodness.

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