Egg fast: Day 2
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Egg fast: Day 2

Day 2:

Started the day off with a very flat omelette with Boerenkaas. It was delicious. My husband makes the best omelettes. The scale was not my friend after eating all the crap this past weekend. The thing I have noticed with Banting, is when you go off plan, usually it takes a few days of clean eating to get back to normal. Keep in mind, if you continue to put all that nasties into your body, you may find yourself back to square one.  More on that in another post…

Anyway, after stepping on the scale today, I went from 75,4 kg to 74,6 kg. That’s expected, as most of it is water weight. But honestly, loving the egg fast more now!!!!

Lunch was boring scrambled eggs and a bit of Carb smart mayo. I topped it off with a bit of crispy cheese for crunch and it tasted soooo much better. I found a new love for sparking water. They are available in all types of yummy flavours and you can find them almost everywhere. Just make sure that it contains no sugar, and you are good to go. I have tried to keep myself busy these past 2 days, so the cravings have been manageable.

Snacking is not encouraged while Banting. The whole idea is that the high fats fill you up and keep you from snacking or craving other things. I caved and made cheese chips as a snack before lunch. Luckily we are allowed a certain amount of cheese on the egg fast, so I don’t think it will be a problem.

Dinner was egg loaf. 2 days ago I had absolutely no freaking idea what that was. The coaches from the 60 Day Summer Shape Up Challenge gave us an easy meal plan to help us with the egg fast, which I really appreciated. I would have had scrambled eggs 3 times a day and given up on day one. So on Monday I made said egg loaf. I cut it up, and for dinner, fried it in cinnamon butter. Honestly, it was a bit gross. The texture wasn’t too bad, but still. Meh! I consulted the group and the answer hit me in the face. Xylitol. So simple. Breakfast is going to be a game changer tomorrow!

Walking to the gym today, I was tempted to buy myself a huge ass cappuccino. We recently decided to limit our coffee intake, so the cravings are still coming hard and fast at the moment. I’m really glad I stayed away, as I really want to give this fast my everything. As a bonus, my Macros where the bomb again today! Very happy to report that this egg fast, so far, has been a success. I am egg-cited (see what I did there) to see what the scale says tomorrow morning.

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