Eating everything in my freezer
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Eating everything in my freezer

Currently I am on a mission to eat my way through all the freezers in our house. We have a freezing section under our fridge in the kitchen, a small chest freezer in the garage and  a tiny freezing space in my cake fridge. I recently cleaned out the chest freezer and was shocked to find just how much food is wasted because I keep refilling it when I find a special. Clearly that money I saved on cheap chicken means nothing if I’m throwing away half of it.

So for March I decided I’m not buying any new protein (which is mainly what I use the freezer for). I’ll only be purchasing fresh vegetables and cheese. Because cheese is life and I can’t bear the thought of running out. By the way, I love freezing cheese. Just grate it and place it in a Ziplock bag before freezing it.  

My entire freezer is filled with individually wrapped chicken breasts and packets of frozen salami. The salami is perfect for lunch while the chicken is destined for the airfryer.  Our Checkers sell the cheapest and fattest chicken breasts, sometimes for as low as R 29.99 per kg. I debone it myself before cooking and freeze the bones. When I have enough of these little bone bags, I roast them in the oven and make stock. Honestly, although I have read the many many benefits of free-range chicken, my budget simply does not allow it. So cheap chicken for the win! 

Stock is another thing that freezes wonderfully.  Sometime ago someone suggested freezing broth in individual silicone muffin moulds and I’m so doing that next winter. Just pop a cube of frozen stock into a mug, microwave and Bob’s your uncle. Bone broth is super good for you. I add apple cider vinegar and black pepper to mine. 

I made a bunch of frozen meals a while ago. If you have the time, this is an absolute lifesaver, especially when Zumba class is late twice a week and I’m too tired  to even think about cooking. Currently my stash contains lasagna, meatballs, creamy mincemeat with baby marrow noodles and frozen butter chicken. These will all be served with some sort of vegetable or a dreaded salad (I HATE SALAD). In Winter I make about 3 different types of soup in one day and freeze them. These are great for easy lunches. 

The bottom drawer is usually filled with bags containing something sweet, usually fat bombs of some sort.  I love to have these frozen treats after dinner as they really hit the spot when you are craving something sweet. Frozen brownies are another favourite of ours. Will do a post for these recipes soon.

So that’s the plan. I still have no idea what’s in that cling film parcel in the bottom right corner of the middle drawer, bit I’m sure it will taste great some cauliflower rice.

Love, Cindy


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