Burgers and Buffel
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Burgers and Buffel

The husband absolutely loves to braai, the more outdoors he is the better. When we moved to Cape Town we made a deal with each other that we would do all the things, all the time. Except hiking. Or cycling. Or running. This meant experiencing all the beautiful and wonderful things Cape Town has to offer, without sweating like a pig because of too much cardio. 

We started by getting a My Green card. This handy little card only costs R 167.00 and gives you entry into any of the Table Mountain National Parks’s pay points for a fraction of the cost. You receive 12 entries per person, per year and I think you can take up to 6 people at a time. That means that it only costs R13.91 every time you enter one of these parks. The only catch is that your guests have to be South African residents and you (the owner of the card) have to live in the Western Cape. But you are allowed to get one each, so what we do is use up the husbands card and then take one out for me. Oh, it is valid for one year and you can only get one card per person per year.I’m rambling on here, so just visit the website for all the information. Easy!

Our 3 favourite spots so far have been Cape point nature reserve (15 min drive from us), Silvermine (7 min drive from us) and visiting the penguins at Boulders beach in Simon’s town. The first 2 places have the most amazing braai/picnic spots EVER! Cape Point also has the added bonus of magnificent tidal pools (although I am never going to be brave enough to swim in the ridiculously cold water) 

Today we made one of my go to dishes; Deconstructed burgers. This is a favourite, especially if we are braaing with non-banters because I can eat everything they can, minus the bun. I always make my own patties. Always. That way I am certain that it’s not filled with nasties. Plus I can add cheese. Mine is made with salt and pepper, sometimes some crumbled feta and love. Shape into patties and you’re good to go. No need for bread crumbs or eggs. Just meat. We love those huge black mushrooms on the braai, with a knob of butter and garlic.  The husband attempted to cook his eggs straight on the braaimat today. That is the reason why his plate wasn’t photographed! The eggs went absolutely everywhere!

Serve everything on a bed of lettuce leaves, add more cheese and Boom! BURGER HEAVEN!

*Full disclosure: We had some coke light because it was hot AF in the sun. I rarely have it these days, but when I do, everything feels right with the world. I just love coke light and when I started Banting it was one of the hardest things to give up.  I know the added sweeteners are very bad for you and can lead to cravings but I believe that moderation is key. Pretty sure that a coke light at the movies won’t kill me. 

A lovely surprise was seeing Buffel, the elephant seal on the beach.  He is our local celebrity and we love to see him every time he comes home. Last year he was at Fish Hoek beach for ages! He truly is the cutest elephant seal I have ever seen. Ok, also the only elephant seal I have ever seen.

Anyway, any good recommendations for great braai spots in Cape Town?

For more information on the My Green card, visit the following website:


Love, Cindy


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